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Join Warren County ARES

We are always looking for more civic-minded amateur radio operators to join our work! You do not need an elaborate radio system or years of experience. All it takes is a willingness to serve and learn! Much of our work can be completed locally with a low-cost handheld transceiver (HT), although the use of a mobile radio can be an asset in some cases.

To participate in Warren County ARES:
  • You must have an FCC-issued license at the technician level or higher. 
  • You need to complete a few FEMA courses. At the minimum, Warren County ARES members need to have completed FEMA courses IS-100b and IS-700a. This is an expectation of the Warren County Office of Emergency Management due to FEMA requirements. The courses are online and free, and can be found here: FEMA Emergency Management Institute.
  • Please indicate your interest by completing the Google form below. Once you have completed the form, email Brad Proctor, Warren County Emergency Coordinator, at kd0wfx@gmail.com to let him know you have completed the form and to express your interest.
  • Finally, in early 2016, the Iowa Section ARES leadership has proposed a standardized system of ARES training. Further information about this system of training can be found at this link: Iowa Section ARES Standardized Training Plan

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